The inside of my bag


Exciting excitement from the mobile.

4 thoughts on “The inside of my bag

  1. Tiffany

    Christ on a cracker! Now I KNOW we were destined to be friends. Purell, sweet mint Orbit, and other stuff…. I super heart you, CJM.

  2. christa

    I also have glitter crayons in there, a thousand candy wrappers, receipts and a bottle of lotion. I told you, exciting stuff. and I super heart you too tiffany.

    also, i super heart you simon. I love that link you gave. it does look like a monster. I miss you. could you please write me a decent email before I die? please? PLEASE???

    I super heart morgan too. cause he says scarrrry cherry. and for other reasons too, I guess, like he gives me stuff for free a lot.

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