drum roll please…

It&#146s official! I am having a boy! a little loafe boy with a little loafe penis and gorgeous amazing christa genes.

Everything is going just swell so far and the baby is healthy and normal and perfect and sweet and I saw his feet and his hands and his thumb and his penis and his heart and his bladder and his brain and his spine and and and and…I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

If I could have an ultrasound every day of my pregnancy, I would. Because it is the most awesome thing in the whole world.

I gotta say, I love being pregnant. I never feel alone. Everywhere I go, my baby is right there with me. I can talk to him and tell him jokes and he always laughs, ALWAYS. And he tells me how warm and comfortable I am inside and he loves to hear me talk and laugh and he is having just so much fun swimming around in me. I feel sorry for you boys, because you don&#146t get to experience this and no wonder you all hate us and feel so threatened by us! I am beginning to understand. I would be so jealous if I were a boy, so jealous that I couldn&#146t have a baby.

2 thoughts on “drum roll please…

  1. Marianne

    When Rachael was going through her phase where she was pretty sure boys had the better gig (and in a lot of ways they do, drat it) because they get to pee standing up and such, all I had to do was remind her that boys can’t have babies or feed those babies with their very own bodies like she will be able to. It always made things much better and evened out the scales as far as she was concerned.

    However, I am pretty sure it doesn’t matter to the boys or men themselves. When I asked my husband just recently what he would do if he could be a woman for a day and do you know he could not come up with ONE DAMN THING!! And I was all “well, wouldn’t you want to give birth and see what that is all about” and he was all “hell no.” So, there you go.