it’s already tomorrow

It is currently 6:33am in New Zealand.

good morning NZ!!

I need to think about my thursday divinity.

3 thoughts on “it’s already tomorrow

  1. Simon

    hey loafe, NZ says hi back, it’s still early but friday is good so far, you’ve got lots to look forward to and nothing to fear…


  2. Simon

    Run from hobbits you mean? Or run from me? Hobbit legs are little legs so you don’t have to run very fast to escape but I’m chronically inescapable…

    Morgan, my niece presents the local college radio’s new music show so if you want to start your world domination in NZ then send me some of your work and I’ll try and get it played.,6595,

    They have stream live so you could listen in if it all goes to plan…

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