life is boring with all answers and all apologies

we live we love we loafe. that doesn’t mean it’s all good and happy. sometimes, a lot of times, it’s sad living, sad loving, sad loafing. that’s the best kind. you find out who you really are when you’re alone in the dark.

hey, the red sox won game 1 of the alcs. screw you, indians. screw you, colorado. this world series is in the bag.

I can’t wait for the bruins to be back on the east coast, this season opening road trip sucks. I am freaking exhausted and I want to go to bed, and we’re barely halfway through the 2nd period. but they ARE winning 4-1. yay! but it IS against the kings. sigh. I’ll take it though. I’ll take it. hey my boyfriend brad stuart plays for the Kings now, did you know? he scored the lone Kings goal so far. mommy like b.stuart. mommy like him lots. mommy breastfeeds b.stuart all night.

my new favorite thing on loafe is making up categories.

Oh hey! morgan has started a podcast! His first one is good, stop looking for hairy vaginas on you tube and listen to it. It’s about 20 mins. Hey, maybe when I go to tucson I can be a very special guest on his podcast! Morgan used to do a radioshow in Fresno. Also, Morgan does a great impersonation of Jimmy Stewart as a crow. Maybe he’ll do it on his podcast. He should have a podcast request thing, where we can request stuff for him to do.

I didn’t do a thursday divinity, because I forgot. I suck at spirituality stuff, I really do. What was divine about yesterday? hmm. I know, but I can’t tell you, it’s a secret. It was nice though. Hey, morgan’s first podcast was thursday, a week ago. I’ll make that my thursday divinity, even though it was a week ago, and I’m listening to it today, which is friday night, although technically I guess it’s sat now, so yeah.

whatever dude. whatever.

One thought on “life is boring with all answers and all apologies

  1. morgan

    actually – episode 2 just went online tonight. Sorry – there’s no impression of Jimmy Stewart impersonating a crow on this one. Maybe the next one if I remember. :)

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