Right on cue.

Okay, so I am just past the 4-month mark and as all the pregnancy books say, I find myself with an abundance of frisky feelings. You know, of the sexy variety. So here I am feeling super feisty, but I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. I have put a moratorium on sex with Gordon (because he did some really boneheaded things that I’m not about to get into here) and we’re better off keeping things low key and simple. Sex complicates things, even when the sex is with the father of your baby.

The weird thing is despite all these sexual urges I don’t really want to have sex. Well, I guess I DO want sex, really good, toe-tingling crazy sex, but I don’t want it with Gordon or anyone else I know and I certainly don’t want to sleep with some random guy. Besides, I’m pregnant! Who wants to sleep with a big fat pregnant girl? Exactly.

So I’m stuck. Stuck like a crazy apple in a crazy orchard. Finally, finally, FINALLY, I want sex, and there’s nowhere for me to turn. Lousy timing.

Speaking of sex, on Tuesday I find out if I’m having a boy or a girl. yay! very exciting! I’m hoping for a girl.

I just realized that my baby is going to be born the year of the monkey. HOW COOL IS THAT?! My baby is a MONKEY. It couldn’t get any better, unless of course this was the year of the robot.

I know! I will just make up my own zodiac. From now on, starting in 1974 and occurring every 30 years is the year of the robot. Now both my baby and me are robots! HA! Take that astrology!

9 thoughts on “Right on cue.

  1. Marianne

    For godess sake, Christa, put some fresh batteries in the vibrator. There is nothing wrong with orgasms during pregnancy and since when do you need a man for those?

  2. Schmatrick

    Hell, I’m still stunned. I mean, wow. Not so much wow as WOW. It’s just so… well… ah… WOW. Not to say that it isn’t… well… because really it’s… and I’m so… DAMN. Wow.

  3. DG

    After watching the series “Taken” (wich started out great, then got pretty silly) on DVD, I have daydreamed that: Gordon, over a period of several months, is “taken”. During the abductions his brain and various body parts are replaced with bio-mimetic, synthetic, nanotechnology components. Over time, Christa discovers that she can control his moods and behaviour, even his sexuality, with her PC. Well, back to work.

  4. Jamie

    Heh. Good times.

    I agree- definatly fire up the old vibrator. But then the question arises…who to think about?

    This just went into a creepy area. I’m gonna stop.