coffee black and egg white

I just read a short little article about the protests in Jena, LA. I readily admit I know very little about this situation, and the poorly written AP article (surprise surprise) didn’t help much. I could put in a bit of effort to find out the facts of the case as they are known, but that takes out all the fun, doesn’t it?

Here’s what I garner: some black kids beat up a white kid. Some white kids hung up nooses in a tree at their high school. I’m not sure which came first.

Either way, I certainly don’t think that 6 kids beating up 1 person is equal in any way to nooses in a tree. And violence should not be condoned, even if it is to make a point about racism in America, or to stir up controversy, or make headlines. “Free the Jena Six”? Come on. They’re a bunch of angry teenagers acting like angry teenagers. Let’s not martyrize them. They are hardly poster boy material for our inadequate justice system.

An attempted murder charge against the boys who beat up the white kid does seem ever so slightly ridiculous, especially considering the victim was able to attend a school function later that evening, as the article thoughtfully points out. I’ve never had a group of people attack me, but I can imagine that if I had kids beating me up in an attempt to murder me, I wouldn’t feel much like going to a school function later on. Maybe I’m just a wuss, but still. I’d probably, I don’t know, stay at home, or maybe in my hospital bed, nursing my wounds, possibly even clinging to dear life. I’ve seen CSI. I watched that crazy group of teenagers kick the stink out of Greg, and he wasn’t attending any school function that night, no sir.

Was the original charge of attempted murder because they were black? Probably. If a bunch of white kids had beaten up a black kid would they have been charged with attempted murder? Yeah I think so. Racism is racism. If Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are on top of this now, you can sure as hell bet they’d be all over the reverse like…well like white on rice. ha.

But you shouldn’t be beating up anyone, regardless of your skin color. Maybe they’ll learn a lesson. You want to fight? one on one. That’s the way to do it. Not this 6 against 1 bullshit. Fucking pussies is what they are.

Yes, it sounds to me like it’s very much about race, from all angles, black and white, up and down, all around, over the bridge, to grandma’s house we go.

Even more so than race, though, I think this story is about the town of Jena and its very special citizens. Those white kids who hung the nooses are idiots. Those black kids who beat up the white kid are morons. And we all know that dumb is colorblind. Instead of Free the Jena Six, how about “Get Jena Some Decent Books!”


5 thoughts on “coffee black and egg white

  1. gina

    Yep – I have no TV so I didn’t know anything about that whole Jena thing except for the Yahoo news headlines. I thought it would be a much bigger deal until I read it today – not really protest worthy you know? I think it is a slow racially motivated headline week and Al Sharpton needed something to do.

    If you want to get pissed over a racially motivated crime, go rally for that girl who was taken by the backwards white folks in WV and made to eat dog crap. Seriously. Have you read about that? OMG.

  2. christa

    I know, now THERE is where al sharpton should be…that’s sick shit. where’s her rally, huh? fucking men.

    I found this quote from our head of state regarding Jena, LA that makes me very proud. “The events in Louisiana have saddened me,” the president said. “All of us in America want there to be, you know, fairness when it comes to justice.”

  3. Tiffany

    I’ve actually been reading about this for a few days and from what I can gather, a few black students asked the principal for permission to sit under a shady “whites only” tree. The next day, nooses were handing from that tree. Over the course of several weeks, fights broke out at parties between whites and blacks. Etc., etc., etc. It’s a pretty sad situation.

  4. christa

    They had a whites only tree that the black kids needed to ask permission to sit under? wtf? what year is this anyway?

    Fucking Louisiana. See what I mean? It goes back to the citizens of Jena.

    I am glad someone’s informed here Tiffany. Thanks for shedding a little light on the situation.

  5. Marianne

    Part of the outrage of the situation is that the white kids who hung the nooses (and the school knows who those boys are, the boys confessed to doing it) were never charged with anything. The prosecutor says he cannot find anything in Louisiana law that says that what the white kids did is any crime at all. It is not a crime in LA to hang nooses from a tree. One can only presume it is also still not a crime there to burn crosses in people’s front yards. It’s like another country over there, or another century.

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