out of my league track 10

Okay, here is track 10 for the out of my league CD mix. if you diligent do-bees have been downloading my offerings, then you should have half the songs on this mix so far.

1. Grief-Fading Collection
2. California Stars-Billy Bragg & Wilco
3. Drinking in L.A.-Bran Van 3000
4. Hang Me Up to Dry-Cold War Kids (former s.o.t.d.)
5. True Affection-The Blow
6. Cherry Blossom Girl-AIR
7. ne me quitte pas-regina spektor (former s.o.t.d.)
8. I’ve Seen It All-Bjork & Thom Yorke (former s.o.t.d.)
9. Budapest-Poni Hoax (former s.o.t.d.)
10. Lovely Head-Goldfrapp
11. L-L-Love-Astaire
12. Bittersweet Faith (Thievery Corporation Remix)-Bitter:Sweet
13. Country Mile-Camera Obscura (former s.o.t.d.)
14. Crown Of Love-Arcade Fire (former s.o.t.d.)
15. She’s So-Röyksopp (former s.o.t.d.)

It’s safe to say that I like lady singers.

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