sunday at the state park

ry and I had some quality mother-son time today. we went to a nearby state park and walked around and collected rocks and sticks and talked about the trees and he tried to tell me he could swim, and I laughed when I threw him into the lake and he couldn’t swim at all. told you you couldn’t swim, ry. TOLD YOU!

he’s sweet, no?
ry at park

5 thoughts on “sunday at the state park

  1. Jonathan

    That’s a very sweet photo; I like picturing the whole scene, you crouching to be on his level, him smiling for the camera, the woodsy setting – it’s all charming.

  2. christa Post author

    Thanks, it is a sweet photo. I am glad it was liked.

    the trees are still bigger than him though. but just barely, by only 20 feet or more.

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