spam, I think it’s spam

the more I think about it, the more I think that this “person” who copied my entries and put them on a blog somewhere isn’t really a person at all. That it’s probably some kind of automated spam scheme, in an attempt to drive up traffic or collect identifying information or get people to register as commenters to get email addresses, etc.

I am not going to fall for it!

Although if this is true, I’m greatly disappointed. my ego is crushed, CRUSHED I tell you, that someone didn’t want to plagiarize me, that they were just using me for their evil spamming ways.

loafe is good enough for stealing, I don’t care what you people say.

UPDATE: Okay, so it’s definitely a spam thing. it’s called splogging. they have a word for everything, don’t they? This plagiarism site is pretty informative (do a search for splog).

that is why I was seeing all those crazy and useless referrers in my logs.

Now I need to figure out a way to stop it. I found a site that gives some solutions.

3 thoughts on “spam, I think it’s spam

  1. Jonathan Bailey

    Have you considered filing a DMCA notice against either the host or the advertising network involved?

    You may be able to get your works removed pretty easily.

    Let me know if I can help!

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