I’ve done it.

I’ve finally done it. I just created what is quite possibly the greatest CD mix to ever walk this earth. I was making it for someone and I realized, of all the mixed tapes/CDs I’ve made over the years, this is my favorite.

6 of the 15 tracks have previously been featured as s.o.t.d. Hopefully you’ve been downloading them. they are locked back up in the disney vault, never to be released again. The other tracks are future s.o.t.d., so watch for them! then you can create this awesome CD and listen to it as you browse loafe. the loafe soundtrack, titled Out of My League.

Okay, so here is the playlist. To get the full effect, make sure to keep them in this exact order:
1. Grief-Fading Collection
2. California Stars-Billy Bragg & Wilco
3. Drinking in L.A.-Bran Van 3000
4. Hang Me Up to Dry-Cold War Kids (former s.o.t.d.)
5. True Affection-The Blow
6. Cherry Blossom Girl-AIR
7. ne me quitte pas-regina spektor (former s.o.t.d.)
8. I’ve Seen It All-Bjork & Thom Yorke (former s.o.t.d.)
9. Budapest-Poni Hoax
10. Lovely Head -Goldfrapp
11. L-L-Love-Astaire
12. Bittersweet Faith (Thievery Corporation Remix)-Bitter:Sweet
13. Country Mile-Camera Obscura (former s.o.t.d.)
14. Crown Of Love-Arcade Fire (former s.o.t.d.)
15. She’s So-Röyksopp (former s.o.t.d.)

track 9 is today’s song of the day and it is sexy beyond sexy. I can’t even tell you.

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