Why is it only a lousy 16 GB? What is this 2004?

I laugh at all the people who rushed out to buy the iphone. Sucker! One thing I’ve learned from apple: Never buy in the 1st round. that being said, I want the new ipod touch and I’m going to buy it in the 1st round. Sucker!

2 thoughts on “Why is it only a lousy 16 GB? What is this 2004?

  1. Jonathan

    Yeah, that price cut was a big “fuck you” to Apple’s fans, but on the bright side, Robin’s birthday gift (an ipod + a dock) just got $100 cheaper, thanks to the apology discount Apple just offered all iPhone purchasers. So really, just an extra $100 for the whole two months I got to use it prior to the price cut.

  2. morgan

    yeah, that seems prety standard for Apple. But $200 sure was a kick in the taco. This comment was posted from my new $70 Samsung Blackjack (which has all the goodies the iPhone should have come with). Maybe Iphone will be a little more tempting. But only if I can get one for under $400.

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