sailing takes me away to where I’ve always heard it could be…

tomorrow us magazine folks are taking the afternoon off to go sailing. my first time on a boat, ever.

okay, that’s a lie, but it will be my first time sailing. I’m very excited. there is going to be jibs and masts and spinnakers and winches and all sorts of nauticalness. I just hope I don’t throw up. I probably will, because that’s what I do. Embarrass myself in ridiculous situations that I will never be able to live down.

in a topic unrelated to sailing, I like this guy’s pictures at flickr. is it acceptable to link to some strange person’s flickr photos?

4 thoughts on “sailing takes me away to where I’ve always heard it could be…

  1. DG

    I like the one girls comment of having an “Eyegasm”. I wonder what he does, modify the pictures with SW or uses filters on a traditional camera.

  2. spudart

    Hi there! I’m the guy behind the “guy’s pictures” on flickr! :-) Thanks for the link! and thanks for liking my photos!

    Say, I totally missed that Eyegasm comment! ha! where was that one! That’s cool! eyegasm! The way I achieve that super-real funky technique is called HDR which stands for High Dynamic Range. I shoot multiple exposures of the same scene. So I do a dark exposure, a regular exposure, and a light exposure. The dark exposure enables me to get more details in the highlights. The light exposure brings out details in the shadows. :-)

  3. christa Post author

    hey, thanks for taking such cool photos! and for telling me about HDR.

    I like your whole site actually. you’re funny. I don’t think anyone will read this though because this entry was a long time ago.

  4. spudart

    I was doing a search on for those who linked to my flickr photos.

    Thanks for liking my entire site. :-)

    I bet you get more readers to your older entries than you realize. 98% of the traffic to my site are to individual posts–people coming to the site from google and yahoo searches.

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