four quarters make a dollar. right?

All the grumbling in the news lately over the stock market/realestate/mortgage/credit areas leaves me feeling very inadequate…not that most things in life don’t already do that.

For instance, this article on seems like something really important and really troubling is happening, something I should know and care about, but I’ll be damned if I know what it is. All these words and numbers. Let’s just eat cookies instead.

Can’t someone smart explain it in usable terms to dumbbells like me?

Here is what I know about money: I never have enough of it.

One thought on “four quarters make a dollar. right?

  1. DG

    I have a degree in economics and business and all that stuff bores me to tears…
    If the mortgage industry wasn’t a bunch of con men , liars and cheats maybe I wouldn’t find it so repulsive.
    I prefer a more scientific and technical aspiration. And to that end , I signed up for my last class in obtaining my degree in VB2005. In December , if the class goes well
    Ill be State of Illinois certified in, and I started all of this in August 2004.

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