I’ll take my tragedies fake please.

Am I alone in not wanting to hear/read/watch people’s accounts of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis?

Fill me to the brim with tales of zombies and aliens and otherworldly forms taking over; books by Stephen King and Tolkien, The Road; movies like Children of Men and Signs and Star Wars; all that and more. End-of-world scenarios are my preferred dish, served fresh and piping hot.

But when it’s real, when it’s happening in the space that I live and breathe, when it’s not for my entertainment appetite…well, it’s all I can bear just to read the headlines. I’m interested of course, but it feels perverted, and it satisfies nothing of my apocalyptic hunger. It just makes me feel really bad and helpless.

I may be totally prepared for a zombie invasion, but my car crashing into the Mississippi River? Well, you can’t really plan for that and taking in all those videos and stories and pictures just isn’t going to help. Not that I’m saying those things shouldn’t be available to the interested parties. I can see the value in it. But for me personally, I just glance at the headlines, maybe read a brief article or two to get the basic facts and current status, then I’m off.

Although really, there is very little else for me to do online. With the past few days at work being so very slow, I have now officially seen everything on the internet. There is nothing left. I finished the whole thing.

6 thoughts on “I’ll take my tragedies fake please.

  1. DG

    Reality is sometimes too harsh…You would think bridges in Minneapolis would be safe..Its a family town of bedroom communities with lots of people safe in their own skin. Until….

  2. pa michelle

    The customers suck blog over at Live Journal is pretty interesting stuff. Google for it because I’m too lazy to do it for you :)

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