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My flavor of the month is joseph arthur. boy, is he good. I like him, a lot a lot a lot. Not entirely sure when/where I first heard him, I think I saw him on Conan or something, but he’s taken over my airwaves completely in recent weeks. especially in recent days, I’m obsessed, getting-a-thousand-joseph-arthur-tattoos obsessed.

When I’m listening to him, I pretend he’s singing to me, for me, because of me, about me, whichever is appropriate given the subject matter.

So, I know I haven’t done a song of the day in a while and you all are just dying. I bring you relief and salvation with his song favorite girl. maybe he has better songs, maybe you think “in the sun”!, but everyone knows and likes that song already, and it will make you cry anyway, no one wants to cry on a friday afternoon at 5pm. but not favorite girl! no cry! and it’s just as good, in a different way.

wouldn’t it be a real kick if he was a christian musician? the horrible hilarious heartbreaking horror.

3 thoughts on “my version of this world

  1. Jonathan

    My co-worker is a rabid Joseph Arthur fan – we went to see him play at the El Rey last year, and even though I only knew six songs (including In the Sun & Favorite Girl) , I still had a blast. He played big, like it was a full blown “Flaming Lips” kind of concert, even though it was just him and two hot chicks on stage (plus some dude on drums). At one point he grabbed a broomstick with three rolls of paper towels on it, and pointed a hair dryer at the broomstick until the paper towels started to spin around & around, finally shooting off over the crowd like streamers. Fun, weird show.

  2. christa

    I am so jealous.

    you do all the cool stuff JR, you’d almost think you weren’t married or had a kid. where do you find the time?

  3. mark

    I saw him when he opened for R.E.M. and he was incredible. If you ever get the chance to see him I would highly recommend it!

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