Oh brother

who wears white jeans anymore? honestly

12 thoughts on “Oh brother

  1. Marianne

    People who wear white jeans are those who believe that they are just THAT sophisticated; that they, apart from the masses of Wal-Mart shoppers and other undesirables, understand that one should ONLY wear white after Memorial Day and NEVER after Labor Day. Women who wear white jeans consider themselves to be in the Jackie Onassis category of women. They seldom actually are, in my experience, but they think they are.

  2. Jonathan

    What I want to know is, who’s wearing pants these days? I mean, are people still doing that?? I tried it for a while, but it got in the way of my hobby (waving my junk at the elderly), so I totally went back to freeballing it.

  3. DG

    Tiff..you buy them for 40 maybe 50 dollars. You wear them once you spill coffee, you never wear them again.. Thats why you don’t see them. Maybe whores can wear them because of their powerful sucking action.

  4. Morgan

    Oooh… do I sense a new LOAFE theme on the way? I’m going to bookmark this page, and F5 it all night long. I can’t wait to see the new theme… It took me months to get my WP theme working… I ain’t about to change. Sorry, I’m still asleep.


  5. Morgan

    hey loafe,
    also… you should put some google ads up on here. they’re not very invasive and hell, you could make $50 bucks a month. $50 could help buy Ryland that imaginary friend he’s always wanted.

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