don’t leave me

I know all the hype these days is on amy winehouse (who’s album I’ve yet to buy, even though what I hear from her I like a whole heck of a lot, that voice makes me want to melt into a gooey puddle) and lily allen (who I’ll probably like if I can just get over myself already and give her a fair shake), but we should all sing the praises of miss regina spektor. I know she had a bit of hype going for her several months ago, but nothing really took off. Too bad. She’s my song of the day.

ne me quitte pas – regina spektor

5 thoughts on “don’t leave me

  1. Jonathan

    That Lily Allen is the greatest thing that ever happened to music. I love the couple Regina Spektor songs I’ve listened to – Fidelity, and On the Radio – and look forward to checking this one out.

  2. celly belly

    I would actually reccomend Amy Winehouse first cd, which was never released here domestically, but you can get it as an import, like I did. Its called ‘Frank’ and dare I say, it’s even BETTER than ‘Back to Black’ which I also love, dont get me wrong.

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