it’s the sotd! yay the world rejoices.

plenty times – the frank and walters. good tune. Does anyone even download these?

7 thoughts on “it’s the sotd! yay the world rejoices.

  1. Marianne

    I don’t download them…..I don’t feel that I am worthy of your music selections given that the last song I downloaded was Africa by Toto.

  2. christa

    africa is a good song, but the fact that is the last song you downloaded is all the more reason you really should download my songs, marianne. Do it, if only to have them in your library so that when you die and someone looks over your music, they will think “wow, what an interesting collection of music she had, I can’t believe she’s dead…”

    really though, you should download them. Each song is loved by me for one reason or another, and while they may not appeal to everyone all of the time, if just one song gets through to someone who previously never heard it…well that’s awesome.

    I like to think of myself as the jesus christ of musical enlightenment, spreading love and joy to the needy, when and where I can. I need no thanks, but I do need you to download.

  3. morgan

    I downloaded one once. It was okay – it was kind of long. Someone was singing something on it. It was okay.
    I’ll download this one, and then get sued by the RIAA. Thanks Loafe!

  4. Jonathan

    Congrats, Christa, the “I can’t believe she’s dead” line officially made me L.O.L, and not just in the “I’ll type LOL way”, but in the “actually laughing out loud” way.

    As for your songs – most of them I already have, although today’s was certainly new. I download them when I don’t know ’em. If it would save you time/effort, you can email them to me directly, along with the long over due picture of your boobies that you swore you would send me in 2003.

  5. Marianne

    Christa, it’s like reading Shakespeare to a monkey…….the monkey might like the sound of your voice and may enjoy the words in a dim sort of way, but the monkey can never truly appreciate the brilliance of the author.

  6. morgan

    okay — I’m listening to it right now. Did you pay for this? My favorite part were the drum fills…. wait, there were none.

    Just kidding it wasn’t terrible. He shoulda at least got a real drummer to play on the track. But overall I thought it was pretty good. Thanks Loafe!

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