mondays are sleepy

I can barely keep my eyes open. all day I’ve been a zombie.


today’s sotd: southern sun – paul oakenfold (rename appropriately). It’s sung by a lady named carla werner and I don’t know what her other music is like, but she’s got a nice voice. You can find some good remixes of southern sun floating around out there in the breeze, if you’re so inclined. you’re probably not though, which is cool.

Can I tell you how tired I am of people on the street asking me for money? I am not even nice about it anymore. And most of them can’t even be bothered to ASK you for your money, they just shake their cup of change at you as you pass. Like I tell Ryland, “use your words when you want something.”

I wish I could be more understanding, love your fellow man/those less fortunate, etc etc, but honestly, that’s just a load. I have nothing left in me for them, no sympathy, no compassion, no hope, and certainly no money. If some of those people showed as much dedication to other areas of their life as they do to panhandling, maybe they wouldn’t be on the street asking strangers for money. And like my lousy handful of change is going to make any difference. They’ll be there tomorrow doing the same thing. I certainly don’t work all day for them.

I know I’m an awful person, but it doesn’t bother me. I’m okay with it. There are too many people to care about everyone, to help them all. People are boring and lame besides.

4 thoughts on “mondays are sleepy

  1. Jonathan

    Phase One: Stop giving to beggars
    Phase Two: Vote Republican
    Phase Three: Openly question what’s to be done about these damn Mexicans everywhere.

  2. christa

    today, one of the homeless guys had a sign that said “I need vodka. I can’t live without it. help the homeless.”

    does being funny and/or self-deprecating and/or honest about begging for money make it any better? I don’t care what these people are spending their money on as long as it is THEIR money and not mine. does that guy really think that his sign is going to attract less disdain and more actual cash?

    at the same time, if you’re gonna be a drunken homeless fool, then yay for you for not pretending otherwise. I’m not going to support it financially, but good for you.

    also, I really would like to know what we can do about all these mexicans everywhere. it’s getting to be absurd.

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