so easy – royksopp

3 thoughts on “S.O.T.D.

  1. christa

    I’m trying very hard to be okay with the fact that geico is using a royksopp song to hawk their insurance. It bothers me an inordinate amount, and it really shouldn’t. It’s silly. Besides, there’s nothing I can do about it.

    I should welcome new fans who were sitting around watching a caveman walking through an airport and heard royksopp for the 1st time, and said, “hey I want to know who did that song” and then they go find out and start listening and realize how great they are (royksopp that is).

    really, I’m fine with it. of course. I don’t hate those people at all. not. at. all.

  2. Jonathan

    Finally, one that I don’t know. For some reason royksopp, along with Sigur Ros, Bjork & really any scandanavian electronic dancey type bands have never penetrated my wall of disdain. I’m listening to this now by watching a video of it on crappy ass YouTube, since you don’t provide links to download the s.o.t.d. (like you SHOULD). Not bad. Maybe still not for me, but not bad.

    Hey, speaking of crappy ass Geico, did you see the TV commercial for the new Caveman show on ABC? For serious.

  3. DG

    True Story!! Bambi
    On June 7,2007 I started the day as any other… working the phone working my spread sheets and other applications. I became groggy and decided that on such a warm and fine day i would go for a walk.
    I went to the forest preserve (Old School, on St Mary’s) and hit the fitness trail. The trail is inside the deepest part of this primarily Oak, maple, ash and sumac forest.The trail is roughly 1.5 miles.
    As I entered the forest trail I saw a small young, but adult Doe. It hovered around the area where I first startled it and it nervously stared at me and paced in a circle. As I slowly approached it eventually darted off leaping over several fallen trees in the process.
    Knowing the season and the fact this Doe stayed a little longer than necessary I knew there would be a fawn. And indeed there was. It stood about 18 inches high, it was about a foot or so long and a head the size of a tennis ball. It was mostly long spindly legs and smooth light brown fur with white dots. It was adorable. It could barely stand and it hobbled up to me and smelled my leg!!
    It followed me around for a few minutes and I wished it a good life. I then proceeded down the path.
    I spoke to a forest ranger on my way out of the trail and he said that the mother would come back and that it was probably 2-3 days old.
    Thank the lord Christ for my blessed experience.

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