what a mess

I’ve managed to destroy my site twice now in the past few days, first when upgrading wordpress, and 2nd when trying to set up stupid post by email functionality.

this 2nd one was a real kicker though. apparently I did something funky to my .htaccess file, god knows what since I know shit-all what I’m doing, but I just deleted that file and now it works. but I had some custom rules set up in the file, so now I have to try to remember what they were and recreate it. I hate this crap. I just want things to work and I want it to be easy and I don’t want to learn anything new or figure anything out.

One thought on “what a mess

  1. Steph

    that is my life at work!!! I hate computers. I should have stuck with my plan in college to never work with computers. After my first Photoshop (Photoshop 1) and Morph/Premier class, I swore I would never work with computers. Then look at me now 9 1/2 years working for a Web firm. I hate computers!

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