Playing outside

Now that it’s finally starting to warm up, we’ve been spending a lot of time outside.

Ry on the swing set

I took this picture of Ry the other day when he was climbing around the swing set in the backyard. It’s a sweet scene, I like it a lot. I uploaded a few more photos to my flickr page.

Not that you care, but after I uploaded the photos to flicker, I noticed that I can email pictures from the mobile phone to my flickr page. My new phone lets me take pictures. I love taking pictures. I love sending things. I love using the phone.

They’re making it too easy for me to waste my time, these people. I should pay for flickr, maybe I’ll use it more.

3 thoughts on “Playing outside

  1. Steph

    I just love looking at photos of my Ry guy. I miss him so much. And of course his beautiful mom. Your yard looks really nice, I love the big trees. And that swing set does not look like junk… it looks really nice. I am sure Ry loves it.

    I will try to call this weekend, I promise.

  2. christa Post author

    that’s how good my camera is, if you think that swing set looks really nice. man, I should win some goddamned awards or something.

    trust me–that swing set is a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

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