I’m a weakling

I fought the good fight. I braved the impossible. Now, after all these years, I’ve finally succumbed. I got a cell phone.


Bank accounts, cell phones, mortgages, fancy purses, a car payment!? What’s become of me? The real Christa needs to stand up already.

The minute you start hearing about my investment portfolio and retirement options, punch me in the face.

5 thoughts on “I’m a weakling

  1. Jonathan

    You JUST got a cell phone? I thought I was a crazy late adopter (I didn’t get one until like 1999 or so, and then only because my work forced me to). Now I really don’t know how I ever lived without one, and am frustrated when my co-workers don’t meet this basic standard of reachability.

  2. DG

    This fall when my contract ends Ill re up with a cell phone that has TV on it..
    I cant wait!!

  3. Steph

    I totally know what you mean. We did not get one until 2000, and I still hate the damn thing. I mean, I really don’t like talking on the phone as it is and then people can call me when ever they want. Thank god for caller id!!!

    But, yesterday at work, someone sent me a message for checking out a site, I was like what the F*&K! Why do people need to send this to my damn phone and then it is so lound when it comes in. I hate the damn thing!

  4. christa Post author

    Okay, so I just didn’t get a cell phone. I just got my OWN cell phone. Up till know they’ve been the ball and chain’s phone. Not really mine. And I hated using it.

    When we made the move back to Boston, we got one of those pay as you go phone. We dropped that phone when Gordon got his phone.

    But now…well, now I have a real cell phone that’s all mine, one that I picked out, a phone with fancy features and a contract, one that I don’t have to share, and now anyone at any time can call me.

    So, I like taking pictures and sending text messages, but the actual phone part of it…eh. I’ve made two phone calls on it so far. No, wait 3. I just looked.

    You should see me when the phone actually rings. It is almost always just Gordon, but as soon as I hear it, I get grumpy. Offended. Snooty. Like, “How DARE someone call me!” People don’t need to be talking to me that much. Stupid phone.

    but I like taking pictures and texting. eeeeeeee. text text type text text typeptpsoprkopk po k.

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