sail away

Okay, I need everyone thinking their most positive, happiest, good luck thoughts ever on Wednesday morning, as I go to an interview for a position at a magazine. A real actual magazine. MY DREAM. Well, my dream isn’t to work at a sailing magazine per se, but you gotta start somewhere, right? I’ll start there, gain experience and contacts, make new friends, finally get the ball rolling my little “career” here.

I will die if I don’t get this job. I’m going to tell her as much at the interview. The blood will be on your hands, Ms. Interviewer, so choose wisely.

11 thoughts on “sail away

  1. Jonathan

    While you should definitely tell the interviewer that you’ll die if you don’t get the job, you should probably withold the information about how it’s not your dream to work at a sailing magazine. I learned this lesson the hard way when I applied for a job at Barely Legal. They asked what it was about the magazine that appealed to me, and I told them the unvarnished truth, that I was really just hoping to use the job as a springboard to get a position over at Shaved Asses Monthly, a sister periodical in the Flynt publishing empire. Well, apparently there are plenty of young fresh faced interns who are eager to work at Barely Legal because they never called me back. I was applying for the job of nipple fluffer; back before Photoshop the models all used to have to have their junk adjusted manually before each shoot; fortunately, the New York Times was hiring for the exact same position, and that’s where I got my start in journalism. It’s no Shaved Asses Monthly, but Paul Krugman’s nipples weren’t going to fluff themselves.

    Oh yeah, and good luck.

  2. Steph

    GOOD LUCK GIRL…. I really hope you get it. That would be awesome for you. I will keep my fingures crossed for you!

  3. Morgan

    awesome. I hope it goes well for ya. If you get this job maybe you can get me a free boat. Perks.

    Hopefully no one else has already made that joke. I don’t know if they did because your comments section doesn’t display right in IE7.

    You should probably spend hours working on that instead of preparing for your job interview.

    Good luck dawg,
    Randy Jackson

  4. gina

    “Sailing,takes me away, to where I’ve always heard it could be,” Ahh, truer words have never been spoken…

    Christopher Cross was such a fine singer. Keep these lyrics in mind as you’re waiting for that interview! Maybe figure out a way to work it into the interview? I’ll bet those sailing mag people love sailing humor!!!

    Good luck – you’re the smartest, most talented person I know. I’ll raise my hand for a prayer request in Property class tomorrow morning. Seriiously you heather – it couldn’t hurt! :)

    Peace out!

  5. DG

    Your Dream!!??
    My drean is that the world falls at your feet
    and worships you as a false GOD!!