a pattern to my madness

here’s something interesting, I think that maybe I’ve discovered a pattern. It seems that approx every ten years or so I go crazy. Then I seek help and get better and improve my life (well, relatively speaking, it is me we’re talking about after all). Okay, it isn’t really a pattern. But just around 10 years ago I lost my mind and destroyed hundreds of lives. And now, 10 years later, I’m doing it again, just in different ways.

Like how being a parent never gets easier or harder as the kids get older; it just changes and brings a new set of issues.

No, actually though, it DOES feel like a pattern, every ten or so years I go a little nutty and then find my way to the other side. Hm. I’ll have to check in when I’m 42. It’s kind of interesting.

I already said that, but that’s because I find it so interesting. Thank god this is my freaking site, eh?

One thought on “a pattern to my madness

  1. Steph

    oh… i am just as crazy as you… good thing to so when i finally have kids they can call you aunt loco just like Ry calls me.