but I hate you.

I cannot wait to move. I have stayed way too long in my current living situation and I&#146ve been unhappy for quite some time. But I became so apathetic about everything that I just stayed rather than taking the energy to find a new place to live. Also, I am living very cheaply and sometimes low rent wins out over happier living conditions. But I am definitely moving after school ends this semester. For my sanity, I must do this.

I am starting to wonder if maybe my goal of working in the magazine business is a bad one. That industry is brutal. The more I learn, the more anxious I get. It seems like the only way to get your foot in the door is to intern. And practically all internships are unpaid. Younger people, 20 and 21 year old kids without a lot of burdens, have it easier, they can get away with it, but I am not young anymore and there are a few things on my horizon that will prevent me from working a job that is unpaid, for any length of time. One of the major reasons I picked Emerson was its internship program and now it looks like I will be unable to take advantage of that. Terrific! Life deals another kick in the ass to Christa. Thanks Life!

Hey, I am a cancer with pisces rising. In case you were curious.

I have a very interesting assignment for my short-short class. I have to write a story that is exactly 26 sentences long. Each of those sentences has to start with a letter of the alphabet, in sequence, so the first sentence starts with letter a, the second with letter b, and so on. Oh and one of the sentences has to be 100 words long and another sentence has to be a fragment. It sounds a little complicated but I am intrigued.

When I complete it, I may share it with you. If you are good.

Also, I have decided I am an equal opportunity hater. I don&#146t discriminate when it comes to hate. I hate everyone equally. I wish there were more EOHs like myself. The world would be a better place.

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  1. Dwayne

    Speaking of equal opportunity hate, I saw THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST tonight.

    Not as violent as I’d heard. Sure, lots of blood and meat, but who hasn’t seen that before. But what I didn’t expect was the sadistic love of superficial torture Mel Gibson seems to have. It seemed almost psychopathic, and very telling of Mel’s emotional problems.

    Also not as anti-semitic as I’d heard. Or, I should say, it’s every bit as anti-semitic as I’d heard, except Mel didn’t single out jews. He one-dimensionally savaged everyone who wasn’t a christian, like an Adam Sandler movie or a cartoon, he was anti-unchristian. Well, I should be fair, Sandler and cartoons make fun of people. Mel turned every unchristian into pure, unholy evil. Huge difference.

    The only people not painted grotesque were jesus, jesus’s mother, jesus’s girlfriend, jesus’s homosexual lovers, and the few jews and romans who turned christian all of sudden after looking into his one red eye. No kidding! One look of the red-eye!

    What was with the red eyes? Was that supposed to symbolize power or holiness? It looked more like it symbolized bad taste in contact colors. Queer eye for the holy guy, hello.

    But it was a pretty bad movie. Obviously made for christians, obviously made by a mediocre talent in love with himself. (Fade out: Jesus rising, ass naked. Fade in: “Directed by MEL GIBSON”.)

  2. Dwayne

    Did I mention satan carrying a hairy baby? Yes, satan carried a hairy baby with bad teeth while jesus was being whipped. No, I’m not kidding.

  3. Marianne

    Thanks for the review Dwayne! I mean, I had basically decided not to see the movie in any case simply because I was worried about being accosted by born agains before and/or after the film. But now I am more sure and at peace with my decision. I suspected all along that it was really just a bad movie and I have always felt that Mel Gibson might very well have serious psychological issues. I mean, with a father like he had, who wouldn’t? Have you seen or heard the interviews with his father?

  4. DG

    I have been reading Loafe for over two years. I know from that experience that CJM is entirely capable of writing informative and witty essays on a vast array of complex social, political and sports related, what have you issues. We all know that.
    I work for a company that has a section that exclusively deals with marketing for technology and business publishers. (I do not work for that section, thank god) I would suggest that
    there may be greener pastures elsewhere. They outsource alot of their functionality to lowest
    bidder services on offshore islands.
    I think CJM would excel as a featured columnist
    to a major city newspaper, like a 21st century Ann Landers. Thats what I think and I am going to stick to that!
    I think Loafers everywhere should send information to Christa about opportunities that would help her in her transition from undergrad to succesfully and fully employed!

  5. Dwayne

    Yeah, I was worried about the born-agains, especially when I learned that the reason I got the free ticket was because this person was supposed to bring a non-churchgoer.

    But they didn’t do anything, thankfully. No pre- or post-movie prayers, no offers of saving, etc. Just a lot of sobbing and gasping during the movie.

    I saw it with the presumption that I was going to have fun hating it, but it turned out to just be a bad movie and a waste of time. But the hype machine worked and got me to go.

    Truthfully, you have to be a christian to get anything out of this movie. If you’re an atheist, it’s just two hours of some guy getting beaten. But if you’re a jesus-lover, it’s two hours of watching your best friend get tortured. A good movie would have made jesus feel like your best friend and then tortured him for the emotional impact of all.

    Yeah, I’ve read some of the interviews with Mel and with his father. They’re both out of their frickin’ minds. I made sure to tell the christians last night that Mel says they’re going to hell. I expected to get some glee from hearing their reaction, but they didn’t care. So the whole thing was futile.

  6. Ter

    I saw the movie because of the hype.

    Passion: n. The sufferings of Jesus in the period following the Last Supper and including the Crucifixion, as related in the New Testament.

    Mel Gibson&#146s definition of Passion: The unrealistic, over the top beating and crucifixion of Jesus.

    Now, when I walked out of the theatre, people were crying. My response was, &#147Didn&#146t they know Jesus died. It&#146s like the Titanic, you know it doesn&#146t end well.&#148

    You want a reaction Dwayne, try that line. I read in their eyes, &#147Pray for her, she is going to Hell.&#148

  7. cjm

    you crack me up, Ter, crack me up like a giant teapot.

    hey gay marriage is almost practically legal now in MA, let’s get married!

  8. Dan

    A bigot is a bigot, and an ugly thing, whether they slam on blacks, jews, homosexuals, OR Christians.