we’re in trouble now folks.

Ry has discovered he can reach previously unattainable objects/locations by moving one of his stools or chairs and making himself taller. He can now climb atop many a thing and reach all new levels of precariousness.

mount countertop

Oh, do I miss the days when he sat around like a big fat slug.

5 thoughts on “we’re in trouble now folks.

  1. Jonathan

    This is why I secretly wished Emerson would have been born with just a torso and no legs. Hah! Try climbing anywhere now, little torso cupcake!!

  2. Steph

    When I was 2, my mom came in the kitchen and I was on top of the fridge, she could never figure out how I got up there. Just wait!!!

    One of the reasons, I am terrified to have kids with my genes.

    Ry is getting so big. He looks bigger than just two months ago.

  3. Steph

    One other thing… why the F#$% is it taking so damn long for Jericho to come back on. I mean WTF??? Feb. 18th, I can’t wait that long!

  4. DG

    My brother was 5 years old when he crawled across the Desplaines river bridge over Rockland road near our house. I suggest an electrified collar or a GPS tracker. One that cant be hacked off or pounded off with a hammer.

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