Anybody who knows me knows that I am a sucker for zombies and zombie movies. They freak me out and I love them. Zombies. Brains. Zombies. You can&#146t go wrong when zombies are on the make.

They have a new remake of Dawn of the Dead coming out and I have no idea if it&#146s gonna suck (it probably will, it certainly can&#146t live up the original) but the preview I saw was sufficient enough to make me braaaaains-crazy and it scared me mucho mucho. There are better special effects these days, so that&#146s a plus. And a crappy zombie movie is better than almost any other movie, so you can be sure that I&#146ll be at the theater for this flick come March 19th.

Also, loafe wishes a lovely happy birthday to j.s.

6 thoughts on “braaaaaainsssss.

  1. stephanie a

    You should read: The Zombie Survival Guide : Complete Protection from the Living Dead

    it’s available at

  2. Pernicious

    You shoudl go for the zombie triumvirate:
    1. 28 Days Later
    2. Dawn of the Dead
    3. House of the Dead

    That should satisfy your zombie jones.

  3. cjm

    I thoroughly enjoyed 28 Days Later and it has nothing to do with how hot the lead actor is. Okay it has a lot to do with how hot the lead actor is, but it had zombies too.