it’s a bit of a rough start, for a girl like me

We’re not far in the hockey season, but things are not starting off too swell, what with all of my teams playing like ass. I won’t get into, because talking about it both infuriates me and leaves me in the fetal position, but I wish for relief, please, and soon. I can’t suffer this much heartbreak night after night.

It is kind of disturbing how in gmail it will throw you relevant links to matters being discussed in an email conversation. For instance, should I mention the Bruins and my astonishing level of hatred for the Habs, it offers up tickets for hockey games and articles about Montreal and Boston right there along side my conversation. I’m waiting (er, hoping?) for them to link me to pictures of any/all members of the Canadiens (except samsonov) being kicked in the groin repeatedly. Then it wouldn’t be disturbing so much as pleasing and delightful.

I can tell you this much: my life is so drool-on-the-desk boring right now that not even my own stage-hungry tears of pity are willing to make an appearance.

To cheer us up, let’s all admire this photo of my son, riding in his wagon.

And how about this video, as he runs around our driveway and I finally get him to say mama…he’s only a year or so late.

Or maybe this picture after we just finished painting his pumpkin.

This video of him being silly and bored in the car…

Oh and this is the result of our pumpkin painting.

You know, his disappointingly clichéd love of trucks/cars/trains isn’t really so bad after all, despite my subtle (or so I hope) attempts at making him love non-gender oriented toys. But I certainly can’t deny his immense attraction to boy things. He likes them. He prefers them. I push nothing, offer everything, let him decide what his tastes are, and he wants the damn trucks. What can you do.

7 thoughts on “it’s a bit of a rough start, for a girl like me

  1. Steph

    It is about time he said Momma… how long did we try for that one. He is getting so big. You need to come back. We miss his so much, not to mention how much we miss his momma!

  2. gina

    So who are these hot hockey players? Point me in the direction of who I should be looking at. I have yet to see a cute one.

  3. christa Post author

    Oh my goodness Gina, I could be here for hours pointing you in the direction of hot hockey players. But here a few tasty morsels.

    Wade Redden

    Brad Boyes

    brad stuart

    marco sturm

    okay most of those are from the bruins. I’m partial. But it’s also watching them PLAY that makes them hot.

  4. tonya

    good lord, christa! it MUST be the playing that makes them hot…those guys are TOTALLY average. and the last one is practically bald!!!

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