sleeping is giving in.

awww shucks, aren’t you just loving the nobel prize winners for physics? aren’t you, aren’t you? I feel very patriotic about it all. speaking of patriotic…I hate america as much as the next guy, but enough already, jeez. Not everything and everyone in the US sucks. Besides, hating us is so 2004.

in sadder news, chococat, aka the fake fargo, was put to sleep yesterday in Tucson. he was very ill. poor poor kitty.

for those of you not in the know, I’ll give a quick recap of how fake fargo came to be. once upon a time, I had a black cat named fargo. I went away on vacation and left my roommate in charge of fargo. she managed to lose fargo. I returned from vacation early and searched desperately until I found fargo. despite his odd, very unfargo like behavior, I was positive it was fargo.

About two months after all this, I found another black cat sitting on my sidewalk. He was very kind and sweet and friendly. When opened my front door, he ran inside and up the stairs, planting himself directly in front of my closed bedroom door. I realized that this new black cat was in fact the original, tried-and-true fargo and the other black cat I found two months ago was an imposter fargo, some stray I pulled off the streets and forced to be mine. How I mixed up the two is a question for the ages, they are both black cats, but outside of that they look nothing alike. So, that’s how I ended up with two cats, one real fargo one fake fargo. Now there’s just real fargo.

That doesn’t sound like a quick recap, but believe me, it was.

It seems stupid to feel bad when pets die, but what can you do. I’m glad it wasn’t fargo though. chococat was a bit of a bastard as far as cats go.

anyway. anyway.

anyway, she said.

4 thoughts on “sleeping is giving in.

  1. Tucson Michelle

    I’m so sad to hear that chococat was sick and was put to sleep. I remember the whole Fargo/Imposter Fargo incident and still get a good laugh out of it to this day. Poor chococat.

  2. DG

    RIP sweet Chococat. Recently I lost Roscoe to carelessness and his lust for adventure.
    We are America, for better for worse. But thats the way it goes.
    NO WAY on earth would I want to live anywhere else. Life is too sweet here. Its what you make of it. You have that freedom.
    Like the old Roman empire and their crazy leaders, one must put on a selective blinder that filters the crap out that could ruin your day, because there is little any one person can do about it.
    Unless you really want to and I choose not to.

  3. neely

    OMG…totally lovin the quick recap on Fargo / Choco Cat… did neglect to share with your viewers that you actually found the real Fargo like one or two days (if not the day) you were moving.

    I’ll just randomly think of that situation…and how we looked and looked and all she could say was how you were gonna kill her for losing her cat.

    Funny stuff…fun funny…now.

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