October 4th

Hockey begins.

2 thoughts on “October 4th

  1. Jonathan

    Even though I don’t share your love of hockey, I totally understand your joy at the return of a sport. The leadup for the NFL gets me every year, and the NBA just as much. God I hope the Lakers are better this year, and I have zero reason to believe they will be. So are you still pulling for the Red Wings first, or have the Bruins won you over? Or are you somehow rooting for the Arizona team despite the insanity of there being an NHL franchise in the middle of the freakin’ desert?

  2. christa Post author

    Bruins. Coyotes. Red Wings. I’m a fan of all three. although living in Boston, I find myself invested much more in the Bruins than any other. Just like the city, they’ve stolen my heart, for better or worse.

    as for football and basketball…meh.

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