live strong.

When I was typing up my last post, Carl had already died, and I didn’t know it. There I was prattling on about the dumbest shit in the world, like I know anything, as if I have the faintest clue what I’m talking about, and he was already gone, hours gone. Isn’t that just the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard?

I’m sorry. I’m just very sorry.

Carl found an immense amount of inspiration in Lance Armstrong and was a full believer in the Live Strong philosophy. Honestly, I thought that whole thing was a bit hokey and overplayed, especially how commercial and marketable it became. But after everything, well, it doesn’t seem so trite anymore. I invoke it now to honor a departed friend. Live strong.

Pretty cheesy, but saying it makes me feel better.

2 thoughts on “live strong.

  1. neely

    So touching..I’m fighting back the tears I thought I had cried all out of me today. 09.26.06 is St Carl’s day. Every year we will celebrate his life and his legacy. How he taught us all to live and hope and love and look forward to tomorrow, even when there was no more.

    And as trivial as it is…he was 32.

    I miss my friend.

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