Oh the glory.

Well, holy crap. I am giddy and jumping with glee. Look at all those fabulous comments on the gay marriage post! I was always hoping that the comments section would become an open, intelligent yet funny and friendly exchange of ideas and opinions. My dream has been realized.

I just feel like crying now. Thanks guys!

Hmm, what other hot button topic might incite another such flurry of debate? The new Mel Gibson movie? Coyotes firing Bob Francis? A-Rod to the effing Yankees? Clear Channel suspending Howard Stern&#146s radio show? The Oscars? My lack of a personal playtime robot?

I love all of you loafers so so much. You make a girl proud.

4 thoughts on “Oh the glory.

  1. brasten

    Yankees. To much ego. The Sox’ll slaughter them merely because the Yankees will be in-fighting.

    Unfortunately, then, the Sox will meet their fate under the foot of the Seattle Mariners machine.

    That’s the stuff dreams are made of.

    Could happen…

    Go Sox.

  2. cjm

    that’s morgan for ya, stirring up trouble everywhere he goes.


    you’re freaking us out!