I think that the Phoenix Coyotes are slowly handing away all of their players to the Flyers. Over the past few years I&#146ve counted 7 players who have made their way to Philadelphia (including Amonte, Handzus, Esche, Markov, Burke, Roenick and Radiojevic). I am mostly happy with the current roster, but I was sad to see Radiojevic go, I liked him a lot. He was cute too and that is the most important aspect of any hockey player. Keep the cute ones, ditch the ugly ones.

My saddest moment was when the Coyotes traded away my favorite player (and boyfriend) Daniel Briere to Buffalo. BUFFALO! Briere is much too good to be on that team. And we got Gratton. Great. Wonderful. Let&#146s compare this year&#146s numbers and see who got the better deal. So far, Briere has 20 goals and 26 assists for 46 points and is +2. Gratton has 9 goals 13 assists for 22 points and he&#146s -11.

What a load.

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