it’s the most wonderful time of the year

hockey playoffs start in just a few short hours. even though the Bruins are out of it, because they suck it, I’m still very excited. because playoff hockey truly is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a mighty grand time and it makes me giddy. this year I’m rooting for the sharks and the sabres.

I had a funny version of the song I was working on, replacing all the holiday and christamas references with hockey related ones, but it’s at home and I’m here at work and I don’t feel like trying to remember it.

4 thoughts on “it’s the most wonderful time of the year

  1. rob

    Usually, stuff that comes immediately from your right brain to your ten fingers, to the keyboard and onto the screen is just that: stuff. But with that agile mind of yours, the stuff is fun and a real joy to read. I loved your grill, your hockey tales, th at wonderful line about “I have no taste ….”. It’s relaxed stand-up. Just tell-it-like-it-is with the right brain, the right rythmn, the right ‘tude. Thank you.

    Rob who is not Chinese but taught at a university there for three years and now lives – tired and retired – 20 miles East of the Pacific Ocean and 20 miles South of Los Sprawl in Southern California wishing earnestly I had turned right to San Francisco instead of left when we drove out here from Larchmont, New York a hundred and four years ago.

    aol journal: AN ANIMAL WHO CAN TYPE

  2. DG

    The part that gets me is that the chimps jumped on a fleeing taxicab to make their escape and then ripped the driver apart.
    Sounds like a bad night on the west side of Chicago on any given weekend night!

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