not quite a baby not yet a boy

The little guy started escuela a few weeks ago. It’s kind of like pre pre-school. He only goes two days a week for a few hours, but he loves it. The first day I stayed with him the entire time, but by the 2nd day, he was totally comfortable, and he sure as heck didn’t need me sticking around.

Now I drop him off and he doesn’t look back. He coldn’t care less where I am! That’s very good. A little sad, sure, but it’s good for both of us. He’s always happy to see me when I pick him up. We needed to maybe let go a little. I wish it wasn’t so easy for him. Figures. Just like a man.

It’s the sweetest cutest thing you can imagine, Ry at school. I can watch him through the two-way mirror (or is it one-way?), where I can see into the classroom, but he can’t see me. He is so much better behaved at school than at home. He listens to the teachers, cleans up his toys, sits at the table and eats his snack without getting up or dumping it everywhere or generally just acting like an insane circus animal. I want to cry sometimes, because it’s so sad and so sweet. Letting go is hard but it’s also very exciting, seeing him in this world without me. Pride and pain all rolled up together, making me a jumbled mess. Still, I’m pleased. He’s a good kid. and I’m his mommy.

escuela is one of my favorite spanish words of all time. I try to use it at every possible opportunity.

7 thoughts on “not quite a baby not yet a boy

  1. gina

    ahhh! That is sad. I feel the same way. Aidan totally ignores me once in daycare, but is always happy to leave when I pick him up.

    Has he started doing things, and you wonder, “where did he learn that?”

  2. Steph

    That is so amazing. I know that you mentioned to me that he was going to start, but then to hear about him in school is just crazy, he is still my little Ry baby. Oh now I am sad.

    But that is awesome, I hope it helps with his vocabulary skills. Next time I see him I want him to say Aunt Stephie… loco

  3. christa Post author

    Thanks Tonya, for rejilla. That’s even better than grill.

    yes, the title is a play on that delightful song by britney. actually, I don’t think I’ve ever actually HEARD that song, but I know of it.

    and whenever I talk about aunt steph, Ry makes this weird bubbling, gurgling noise, like bubbles in water. very strange.

  4. Jonathan

    Is steph actually your sister, or is the “aunt” just a term of endearment? Because if she’s your sister, then I suppose by proxy a photo of her boobies will fulfill the terms of our agreement.

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