the word on the street.

So lately I’ve been saying to Gordon “why you all up in my grill?” making some sort of “street” gesture with it. It drives him crazy. He groans and rolls his eyes at me. It’s so funny. He says I’m such a dork, and he’s right, but it makes me laugh to say it, so I do. I got it from an episode of csi miami, where this crazy black woman had all kinds of action happening with her teeth and she said something like “why you all up in my grill?” to the cops. She also said the suspect in the case paid for this so-called grill. her teeth were totally crazy. I was very intrigued. She had so much crap in her mouth she couldn’t get her lips all way over her teeth. Now that’s definitely a grill.

haha. grill. it’s so funny.

10 thoughts on “the word on the street.

  1. Marianne

    I go around saying that at work about my boss. “She’s all up in my grill about this deadline….” It makes me laugh really really hard. My boss, not so much.

  2. christa

    I thought ME saying all up in my grill was the whitest dorkfest around, but imagining you M walking around saying that is even funnier. It makes me laugh really really hard too.


    oh street lingo, how I love you.

  3. Steph

    how funny, these terms are so dumb. I have never heard that before so reading it makes me laugh. I can see you saying trying to act all cool and down with things.

  4. gina

    Christa, obviously you don’t watch enough celeb reality stuff on the E channel. They were using “up in your grill” way back in the first season of the Surreal Life.

  5. christa Post author

    yeah I don’t watch any celeb reality stuff, and that’s more than enough. the e channel is my hell.

    if I were more courageous, not quite so white, and had money, I would totally get a bunch of crap on my teeth.

  6. Tiffany

    Yeah, me too! I would bling my shit in Platinum, baby! PLATINUM! By the way, when I say shit, I’m not actually referring to anything exiting from below the waist line.

  7. DG

    You dont need teeth bling dear Tiffany, you are beautiful as god made you. And of course we know you didnt mean anything below the waist… It wouldnt be you….

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