musical loafe

I’m trying to change the look of this here site, but I’m not having much luck. That’s why it’s different all the time.

Just deal with it till I’m satisfied.

It’s very hard to get any work done in any reasonable amount of time, what with a baby, a job (even a part-time one), a boyfriend, a mother-in-law who can’t leave me alone for more than 3 minutes, TV, showering, etc etc.

my new motto lately is “please. please leave me alone. please” as I’m sobbing quietly.

21 thoughts on “musical loafe

  1. Jonathan

    Mother-In-Law & Boyfriend both sapping your time, eh? Methinks I know a way to kill two birds with one stone… that’s right, send me a photo of your boobies.

    P.S., my new motto is “Have you seen my baby? She is a cute-apotomus!”

  2. Tiffany

    It’s not as cute as when I used to call Ryland a Hiccapotomus when he had the hiccups.

    Suck it! :-)

  3. christa Post author

    ooohhh….she’s so cute JR! I do love her ever so much.

    but what I really want to know is what the hell that lamb is doing in the mirror. maybe baby em shouldn’t be exposed to such stuffed animal debauchery.

    also, it WAS very cute when Tiffany would called ry a hiccupotomus. it makes me want to cry remembering that. thanks a lot, TIFF, for bringing back the memories. hey, the short version of your name is also the name of high quality images on the computer. I guess technically, it doesn’t have to be a high quality image, but really you should only use TIFFs for high quality images.

    hey, that makes me remember back when morgan and I worked at AOL, in the days of windows 3.1, and we joked that we were going to get license plates that said “EMM-386”. ahahaha. shut up, it’s funny.

    and just to be clear, I don’t really have a mother-in-law, but she definitely fits the mother-in-law stereotype, so I’ll stick with the label for now.

  4. Jonathan

    1) Tagged Image File Format has indicated (repeatedly, for those of us that have been slow to catch on) that she prefers the full name – just trying to spare you both any acronymony (get it? it’s like a clever pun on acronym & acrimony! I have a Masters degree in English Literature, such word play comes easy when you’re a super genius like me).

    2) Lamby is just checking out his junk in the mirror. Don’t blame him, he learned it from Leo, the stuffed Lion, who is a bit of a pervert.

  5. gina

    ***off-topic*** umm, this thing is cool. I was looking for picture of christa to plug into it, but couldn’t find one. Christa, upload your pic and post your results!

  6. DG

    Oh well I tried two images from the collection of photos on Yahoo images and the MyHeritage comes back saying the images are too small.

  7. gina

    I’m 74% Sammi Cheng, 73% Jennifer Love Hewitt, 72% Shiri Appleby (who’s that?), 68 % Eva Longoria.

    Aidan is 60% Hillary Swank and 50% Vaclav Havel. hehehe.

    This is a great way to waste a bunch of time and avoid working.

  8. christa Post author

    that site IS a totally great way to waste the day! thanks g.

    just so you know, in addition to a handful of supermodels, I’m a 71% match for Judy Garland. My favorite though was my 70% of Bam Margera.

    that site is cool, but I think they need to do a bit more work on their face recognition software. Also, they should include some ugly celebrities.

    Ry’s results included harry connick jr, beyonce knowles, judy garland (hey! both me and ry had her!) and condoleeza rice.

    and gordon’s matches…well, I only wish they were true. They included jared leto and ian somerholder, better known as boone on lost. mmmm. boone.

    so if boone and judy garland had sex and then a baby, it would be harry connick jr!

    or beyonce. a crapshoot really.

  9. Amanda

    They did not give me percentages, but they did match me to Jay Leno and Chelsea Clinton. Thanks, Gina.

  10. gina

    Yep – like I mentioned, I wasted a TON of time on that thing. I put one picture of myself (not that great) and it pulled up only men matches. OUCH! One picture was an equal match for eddie murphy and Queen Rainia. wtf?

    Jay Leno and Chelsea. That’s super funny.

    Judy Garland? I would have never thought!

  11. neely

    Yeah girl (or guy i’m sure) wants to look like ron howard. I know I certainly don’t. But the J-Lo matchup is okay, I just wish I had her body to match…and she’s not as white as I am…so they just go by obviously facial structure, not skin color. Eddie murphy was somewhere in there and oh yeah, one of the olsen twins. not both. just one. I doubt it was the anorexic one…I’m far from being on that side.

    So christer, give any thought to coming to tequilla rain tomorrow night!??

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