just so everyone knows.

this “new look” of loafe is actually just the default template for wordpress. I upgraded the other day and forgot to change it. I’m working on something new, because apparently my old look was crap, even though I liked it very much.

I can’t believe how much everyone likes the default look. jeez. I think it’s ugly and a real snooze. but whatev. I refer to my new motto: to each his own.

10 thoughts on “just so everyone knows.

  1. christa Post author

    I’ve gone back to my old look after reading your comment because you’re right…it’s generic city and at least my old look was different.

  2. gina

    I knew it was a default theme too, didn’t you get my joke!!! If you like loafe, you’ll love whoisgina??? hahahahah, freaking HILARIOUS!

  3. Jonathan

    I read that as “if you like loafe, you’ll love who’s vagina?” and then I googled “who’s vagina” and got distracted by some internet porn…

  4. christa Post author

    gina used to live in virginia, and that made her VA Gina.


    it’s the funniest joke ever.

  5. gina

    and when i lived in west virginia, i was West VA gina – hey – even more reason to go to WVU!!!

  6. Steph

    i didn’t get to see the default, I am all upset, oh well, reading the VA Gina made me laugh, pretty funny. Much better than actually working.

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