my blessed thirties

A strange and mysterious thing has occurred. I never thought it would happen, but I’m glad I’m no longer in my twenties. They were a bit of an embarrassment for me, in so many ways, and it’s a relief to be done with them. And so far, the thirties aren’t so bad.

I just wish 31 didn’t sound so old. And now that I’m starting to get comfortable in my 31-year-old shoes, it’s almost time to trade them in for a 32, leaving me with less than three years to graduate, find a city to settle down in, get a great job and have a daughter. I don’t literally mean my shoes are 31 years old though. It’s just a metaphor. My shoes are, like, 6 months old.

But all in all, I feel pretty good these days, about being my age and having my kid and my general lot in life. My outlook is on the upswing. I whine a lot, because it’s my habit, but honestly I just need to get over myself. I am lucky, I know this; I could have it 100 times worse than I do. I need one of those funny animated creatures to sit on my shoulder, appearing when the situation warrants, reminding me of my good fortune, because otherwise I’m too wrapped up in what I don’t have or what I’m not doing, creating misery where it doesn’t need to be.

Our circumstances are just that—circumstances. I have choices and opportunities and intelligence and I’m letting the wrong things get me down and affect my life. Ry needs a better mother than that!

Warm weather is almost upon us and I know things will be better in the spring. Okay, technically it IS spring, but I won’t consider it official until I can pack up my stupid winter coat for the year.

Let’s all be thankful for trader joe’s jasmine green tea, the most delicious beverage in creation. Well, it might not be the most delicious beverage EVER, but it’s certainly one of my favorites and definitely in the top 5 of Most Delicious Beverages Ever. Sitting right next to trader joe’s jasmine green tea on that list is ito en’s jasmine green tea. Now you might say that maybe I just like jasmine green tea in general but you’d be wrong, because I’ve tried other brands of jasmine green tea and none are as good as these two.

All I need now is a broadband internet connection and a pedicure and things will be swell.

57 thoughts on “my blessed thirties

  1. DG

    Chocolate is good regardless of who occupies the Whitehouse.
    Also my personal life is pretty much what I ever make it, regardless who is in the Whitehouse.

  2. Jonathan

    Poor wealthy… let us have a moment of silence, for the multi millionaires forced to get by on slightly less each year. Truly Brasten, discrimination such as you speak of is exactly on par with welfare cuts for single mothers, an end to affordable & safe contraceptives for the poor, low interest rate loans for struggling students, etc, the traditional victims of Republican discrimination, every bit on par with the poor, poor wealthy.

  3. DG

    I live in what is considered a wealthy town, I am not currently “wealthy” but I am starting to make a decent income. Not only do I have current prospects, that are promising, but my current education efforts will provide the basis of years to come of good employablity.
    I like living in a wealthy town, the streets are safe and clean the houses and estates are
    beautiful. I mean really beautiful. You have to go to Lake Forest or Glencoe or Winnetka to see even more grand estates.
    I dont like the uneducated lower classes, they are stupid ugly and violent and abusive.
    They are too stupid and wretched to want to have suffer being near. I know this because as I travelled down the stratas of the lower classes during my alcoholism I discovered my drinking buddies as stupid ignorant morons that deserve the fate they receive in life.
    Being sober and back in the game I really now appreciate intelligent , educated, moral, upwardly
    mobile people. The rest are crap. American crap, but crap never the less. Christa, please dont be like them.

  4. celly belly

    yes, you ARE crazy for thinking it’s a big deal to marry someone 20 years older than you, but than, thats just my opionon, which obviousely YOU think is crazy and as you said, creepy. If I could find a Republican I liked, might change my way of thinking, I suppose it’s bound to happen ONE of these days. Hmmmmm….. and no matter how open minded we may *try* to be, all of us are judgemental to a certain extent, I suppose. I guess in my life some of the people with the most money, also tended to be the most selfish. The most charitable people I have known, have been the ones who have the least to give, it seems. In my opionon, you fall in love with someone and if they happen to be 19 years your senior, I am unable to then fall OUT of love with them, I dont operate like that. You can find that crazy, but I just find it closed minded.

  5. brasten

    Wow.. you managed to completely intermingle two conversations into one paragraph, cb! That was awesome. :) I for one don’t see anything wrong with you marrying someone 20 years older than you.

    Jonathan- I wasn’t attempting to argue the merits of a flat-tax or justifying cutting welfare for the poor, I was demonstrating how pushing one’s ideas can adversely affect a group of people, whether or not you truely intend on “rejecting” that group.

    I enjoy the demonization though. Evil, evil Republicans, how dare you give that poor single mother $80 instead of the $100 us good-hearted open-minded Democrats think they should have.

  6. Jonathan

    Brasten, a direct quote: “the point is, it’s the same thing”. You’re comparing Democrats marginalizing the wealthy by forcing them to bear an undue amount of the nation’s tax burden with Republicans cutting funding for after school programs that primarily help low income families, and your take is “it’s the same thing”. False; one of those groups can bear that burden, can suffer that “adverse affect (sic)” as you put it, significantly easier than the other group can. Democrats targeting the wealthy is NOTHING like Republicans targeting minorities and/or the poor.

  7. DG

    Give them nothing, make them work cleaning a crack alley. Free money is not respected.
    Why should people be paid because they where too stupid to set up their lives to live according to
    their dreams? Everyone dreams big fancy lives, its the only thing on TV. Reality is totally different.

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