semi-recent photos

I haven’t added any new photos of the baby in march, but you can check out some from Feb, if you were so inclined.

The poor little guy is sick right now, and involved in some very gross manifestations of that sickness. I feel awful for him and I want him to get better, but the benefit of his illness is that he’s awfully cuddly, calm and low-key, which is nice.

5 thoughts on “semi-recent photos

  1. gina

    Loved the sexy baby one. hehe. Aidan was sick too. The trots plus double pink-eye! This is funny, the other morning, Aidan kept crying in his crib every five minutes or so, so I would go check on him, and he’d be laying there with his eyes closed, so I assumed he’d just fallen back asleep. After the 4th time, when he was sitting there with his eyes closed, I realized his eyes were stuck together. He must have thought he was blind for a minute there, poor guy!

  2. christa Post author

    the trots is the funniest expression in the world.

    that makes me laugh and laugh about aidan and his pink-eye troubles. I am sorry to laugh at your baby’s misfortunes, but it’s funny. it really is.

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