bored of canada?

may I suggest then boards of canada?

a most excellent band you will surely love. these boards will banish your boreds for sure.

hahahah I love my jokes. I love them. boards vs bored. ha.

those brothers are darn cute, aren’t they? that’s fantastic. I love cute music boys.

also don’t you just love you could get lost there for days.

seriously though, boards of canada is some trippy goodness. They are my latest obsession. Make them yours too, won’t you?

Here is a passage from a book I’m reading and I feel like sharing it with you:
“All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in a strange, sometimes inexplicable ways. This madness can be saving; it is part and parcel of the ability to adapt. Without it, no species would survive.” I am only on page 47 of this book, but so far it’s been a fabulous journey and I can’t wait to get into the thick of it.

8 thoughts on “bored of canada?

  1. gina

    ack! i checked em out, not my cup of tea. a little scruffy looking. what are you reading anyway?

  2. DG

    I ordered a Boards of Canada CD.
    I also ordered an Arcade Fire EP.
    I love Funeral………………..

  3. christa Post author

    because bridges of madison county is the best book of 2006, hands down. Heck, I’ll even go so far as to say it’s the best book of the new millenium.

    Go Bridges! Go go Go!

  4. John

    Life of Pi is a great book ! ! ! By the way, I have read your blog since circa 2000. That is the longest I have been intrigued by someone I dont know.

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