measure of my success.

This past week I’ve been dogwalking for a guy at work. I love his dog super very much, her name is LuLu Jackson and she’s a bulldog and I love her and I love her some more. I’m not so fond of walking around after her with plastic bags around my hands and picking up warm piles of poop, but you know, that’s what you gotta do these days in the big city. Clean up your dog’s poop. You’d like, get arrested or something, if you didn’t.

Anyway, he’s got a pretty nice condo and I like it. I wouldn’t say I’m jealous really, because I’m not, but I look around his place and I think “I’d like something like this, something open and airy, a place of my own to enjoy.”

I start to think of what I need to do to afford a place like that. Finishing my degree would be a step in the right direction, and working mad-ass crazy is also necessary. Another useful aspect to my plan would be a partner who works hard, or at least gets paid decent money. There would have to be some sort of daycare/childcare/preschool situation for the kid, which is fine because I’m assuming that by the time I get around to putting my plan in action, he’ll be old enough for preschool. Or more realistically, regular old elementary school. Hell, let’s be totally honest…college.

But I still won’t consider myself a success, even after I get my degree, and a job I actually enjoy, and a partner who makes decent money, and a daughter in addition to my son, and a nice little place of my own, with lots of open spaces and comfy reading chairs and a big kitchen full of lots of things I’ll never use. I will feel very fulfilled and happy, but not 100% successful.

I realized today, when I picked up LuLu for her walk, that the true measure of my success will be when I can hire a cleaning service. When I can pay other people to clean up after my messy messy self. Then and only then will I feel complete. And I’m talking about a weekly, or even twice weekly (gasp!), type arrangement. I don’t need an everyday cleaning service. Okay, I do need an everyday cleaning service, but I’m sticking with my original plan for once a week. After I hit that achievement, perhaps I’ll raise the bar a bit and strive for more. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

It will be nice, that’s all I’m saying. To be able to pay someone else to clean my house. And having a house. That would be nice too. Having a house and paying someone else to clean it. yes. nice. all vNice.

8 thoughts on “measure of my success.

  1. DG

    Well then we need to get Gordon up to speed on the whole career education thing…then cross your fingers , give it about 5 to 6 years…or dump Gordon and start dressing up nice and start considering those guys at the health club with the NEW bmw’s. Yes they are pushy, opinionated , arrogant, good looking , well educated etc….. well thats what it takes.

  2. Jonathan

    Welcome back, kid. I’m not sure how you walked Lulu from down in D.C., unless that’s where your boss lives, but I will say you’re right, it’s nice having someone clean up after you.

  3. christa Post author

    I’m back JR. Got back Monday. You’d like Lulu, she’s a-dorable.

    you’re totally living my dream life, you know that right? right?

  4. gina

    Cleaning sucks! But I like clean things. Go figure.

    It’s our mothers’ fault. They did something very wrong with the two of us.

    We need to figure out how to make Ryland and Aidan into little cleaning machines.

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