the injured will rise again.

The shower can be a dangerous place. Add in a shampoo bottle, wet slippery hands, the power of gravity and viola! You’ve got yourself a real situation. My poor sweet feet. In the past week alone, I’ve managed to acquire 3 bruises. And then today, I gave it real good to my toe. Maybe I’ll just stop taking showers.

My injuries aren’t isolated to shower hijinks though. I’ve also done some damage to my back, setting me back quite a ways in my 10K training. Not sure how I hurt it, but I suppose it’s a combination of many factors: my fat ass, my lack of in-shapeness, my huge gigantic ass, my flat feet, ill-fitted shoes, did I mention my ass yet?

ah well. such is the way of life for an elite athlete as myself. I knew the risk going in, didn’t I? But I can’t be stopped! I will not be stopped! I will drag my bruised and battered body over that finish line if I have to pay someone to do it for me.

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