how the media is like bad nutrition

the media is a bunch of soul-sucking demons. one might say they are only talking about what the public wants to hear, but I disagree. it’s kind of like feeding a baby…sure you can give him sugary sweets and soda and candy and he’ll gobble it up, thereby spoiling his tastes for better fare. But if you avoid those things and instead give him healthy choices and offer balanced meals, that’s what he’ll eat, because he doesn’t know any better. He won’t miss what he doesn’t have and he’ll be perfectly happy with it. Most importantly, he won’t be loaded down with all garbage.

Okay, so that isn’t exactly a great analogy, because I wouldn’t say the crap that the media puts out is in any way like candy, as candy is a delicious and tasty treat that I love very much. But you get my idea.

So media of the world, listen up! Give us a choice. Offer us healthy balanced meals and we’ll eat it. Every now and then it’s okay for some fluff, for a bit of pie or maybe some ice cream. As long as we’re getting the nutrition we need on a regular basis.

Information and knowledge is power. The more they fill up our minds with useless crap, the less room there is for the good stuff we need to be strong, and the weaker we become.

9 thoughts on “how the media is like bad nutrition

  1. Jonathan

    Seriously; your argument is fundamentally flawed. There’s no shortage of quality news outlets or educational programming in this 500 channel, satellite radio enabled world. It’s that what sells FOX News over NPR or PBS.

  2. dg

    Or BBC. I think. Yes yellow journalism sells. I cant take it anymore. I seek news as data not as an endless waterfall of disaster. I am too happy to let marketing moguls screw up my morning with smiling babes spewing an endless onslaught of verbal and video malaise. So I have turned off the morning and the nightly news. I dont miss anything. If its important I’ll here about it.

  3. christa Post author

    um, excuse me my arguments are never flawed. NEVER!

    but you’re right, I agree. there is no shortage of quality out there. but people aren’t getting it. just like america is chock-full of healthy, organic foods. yet we’re all a bunch of fat pigs.

    because the mainstream feeds us crap. it’s cheap and easy. and we all pay.

    see? see? no flaws! no flaws!

  4. Jonathan

    SO you’re proposing a system where the people who know what’s best for us get to dictate what will be aired on television and sold at grocery stores? I’m not sure that’s better. Freedom to enjoy Hostess Twinkies while watching Grey’s Anatomy is kind of a cornerstone of our nation.

  5. christa Post author

    I’m not proposing any system. I just happen to disagree with the dictates already in place. too much bad, not enough good. sure freedom is great, but at what price? personally I’d much rather eat drake dogs and watch the office, but to each his own I guess.

    basically this whole post came about from an article I read about bode miller and some comments he made about sports and the fans. the writer was twisting his words and putting a spin on it, which annoyed me, because I was basically agreeing with what this miller guy was saying. the headlines for the piece had a clear agenda, chopping his words into bite-sized chunks.

    but at the same time, it annoyed me, because I keep seeing all these lame commercials for bode miller, so he’s obviously very into promoting himself and trying to garner a bigger fan base/more money. it made his whole statement very ridiculous and hypocritical, but just because the guy who said it is a jackass doesn’t make it any less true.

    and also, it annoys me that people won’t let me feed what I want to my child. if I want to give him organic everything and keep his sugar intake to a minimum, that’s up to me. I don’t need every grandmother and their dog telling me how ridiculous I’m being and shoveling ice cream and cupcakes into his mouth every second my back is turned.


  6. tonya

    christa, i’m definitely on your side regarding your food choices for r. just think, what if you had been taught to eat healthily from birth, and didn’t have to force yourself to do so. i’m using the global “you” in this instance. i have an interest in eating more vegetables, but have no idea on preparation, etc. what do i do with bok choy, for instance?? what does it even taste like? will i hate it? am i just going to throw away my money by buying it? healthy eating habits start early! you go, girl!!

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