loafe reviews a CD.

One of my favorite CDs is the fight club soundtrack. The movie itself is tops; the soundtrack even better.

But for the longest time, I couldn’t listen to it. Every time I put it in, I would get this cramped feeling in my stomach, the dizzy butterflies, and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. And it was because of ecstasy. I listened to that CD one time while rolling, and ever since then my body began to physically react to the music whenever I played it, regardless of my level of sobriety.

I haven’t done ecstasy in years, and even just a few months ago I was STILL having reactions to it. Now that’s a good effing CD, if you can listen to it once and have it still affecting you years later (when I say years I don’t mean 9 or 10, I mean 3 or 4).

But just the other day, I listened to it at the gym and it didn’t bother me at all, no weird feelings, no nervousness, no uncomfortable bowel urges. It was quite the relief. I really missed that CD. And now that I’m not taking ecstasy anymore, it’s really great for working out. I’m pleased all around.

a loafe recommendation: if you’re feeling a little blue and you’ve got the spare time, money and inclination, pop an MDMA pill and listen to the fight club CD. I guarantee a lovely time with lovely memories (and maybe even residual physical sensations). And if you haven’t got the time, money or desire for illicit fun, then put the it on while exercising and I guarantee a great work out. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the fight club soundtrack.

in summary, we give 4 bowel movements (out of a possible 4) to the dust brothers.

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  1. DG

    Thats good your not taking it anymore. Once a person becomes a parent they should put down the dope. Not for themselves as much as for the child. Drugs do affect the way you behave, the slightest behavioural dysfunction will be picked up by the child.
    If you cant stop the dope yourself 12 step programs work well.

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