Michael Pollan.

I find a lot of interesting articles and learn a lot about interesting people at work. We book public speakers for different companies and organizations and often we get requests for speakers for whom we have no information or knowledge. That is where I come in. In addition to several other computer and design related duties, I also do research, trying to track down these unknown people.

One of those is a guy named Michael Pollan, who I have become quite enamored with since I started researching him. I just read a brilliant article he wrote. I have slowly started eating meat again and this article made me feel like I was making the right choice.

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  1. DG

    In college, years ago, I discovered hummos and falafel. It was tasty, nutritious and cheap. I imagined that I could be a vegetarian and be satisfied as well. I experimented with other all veggy dishes. It worked for a while, but then
    meat came back to my appetite.
    It is said that a combination of beans, rice, grains and other vegetables provide virtually all
    of the amino acids required for human nutrition and health. Virtually all but not all.
    As removed as we are now from the process of obtaining animal proteins, removed by compartmentalization and specialization, a capitalist efficiency startegy, we as individuals have forgotten what it takes to extract animal proteins.
    But unfortunately we require them. I have, in my mind, embraced more esoteric strategies. Perhaps by genetic manipulation we could have vegetables provide some of those protiens. I would prefer transgenic plants with animal proteins than the disgusting nature of capitalist
    farming technolgies.
    But then they would have be mass produced for an accepting market. And that could take a long time. So in the mean time I eat meat when one has to and try not thinking about it.
    As the article states, we evolved eating meat.
    Eventually many vegetarians have to go back to eating it because they get sick or weak.
    I remember what was like when I went back to a cheeseburger after a few weeks of vegetarianism.
    I felt stronger immediately. My boss went a long period. He had to eat some meat because he started getting colds and felt weak and disorientated.
    Oh well.