Pop Culture

I am a pop culture addict. I simply cannot get enough of it. All the things I love and all the things I hate. My new favorite show on TV: Best Week Ever on VH1. All these different people (comedians and writers and quasi-celebrities) talk about the news of the week from pop culture. Many of the people on this show are the same ones from VH1’s I Love the ’70s and I Love the ’80s. I want to be on that show. I want to be a pop culturalist!

And of course, one of my most favorite magazines in the entire world is Entertainment Weekly, which is my bible. With a few rare exceptions, I read that book cover to cover every single week. I suppose I should be focusing my attention and energy on more productive and intelligently enlightening material, but I think that pop culture has its place and I do not think it has to be as dumb and silly as people make it seem. As a case in point, you should all check out this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly and what they have to say about the Janet Jackson-Super Bowl incident. It was right on the mark.

The NHL All-Star weekend is over and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My favorite part is the Super Skills competition, which is always crazy and fun. And the jerseys went old school for the All-Stars game, which I appreciated. I really wish America valued hockey more. I honestly do not understand why someone would want to watch a lame basketball game over a professional hockey game, I really don’t, someone explain it to me. The Stanley Cup playoffs are a million times more exciting than any super bowl. Hockey players are better athletes and our games have fights, fast paced action up and down the ice, bodies and sticks and pucks flying everywhere, and quite simply the cutest boys on the planet. What more could you want?

One thought on “Pop Culture

  1. Marianne

    I don’t know……I just don’t think boys with missing teeth and broken noses can be considered cute. Baseball players are cuter. Not that baseball is any less boring than hockey or any other professional sport.