I know how people love to post about the books they are currently reading. And I’d like to be able to say that right now I’m reading all these super smart, political, cultural, historical, literary works, but the reality is that I’m reading a Patricia Cornwell book. Her last name is appropriate, because man alive is she corny. But I love reading her books. Cheeseball heaven, and I eat it up.

mmmm yummy cheeseballs.

4 thoughts on “books.

  1. Schmatrick

    I’m reading Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman,” all 10 volumes, front to back, for the fourth time. That makes me cooler than all y’all. No, not a bigger geek than you, that’s not what I said. I said, it makes me cooler… Quit giggling. Listen to me. I’m cool. I’m hip and intellectual. I know it’s a comic book, but you’re a doo-doo head. God I hate you! SHUT UP! You’re torturing me, you know that, you ass??? I’m just a person! Treat me like a person!

    What was the question?

  2. Schmatrick

    I did! You were right, I LAHKED THEM A-LAHT. I started with Entertainment! and didn’t stop. Any other recommendations? Here’s one for you: Television. But you knew that. Start with “Marquee Moon.” If you don’t like them, they’re a little rough-around-the-edges, head straight for New York Dolls.

    New Beck in two weeks! BOOGIE!

  3. DG

    The Mekons Punk Rock and Mekons Me, Echo and the Bunnymen Heaven up Here, Snake Finger Greener Postures and Chewing Hides the Sound, Phil Manzanera Diamond Head

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