okkervil river

So on Friday night I got to see okkervil river for only $5. That’s right, five little teeny dollars. I’m such a crappy fan I didn’t even know they were here in Tucson until my friend Michelle called me up and said “hey, guess who’s at Plush? Okkervil River!” and the baby had just gone to bed and I had nothing to do, so off I went. Man, did I have a great time. The band was just so good live, let me tell you. Most of my friends are musicians themselves and they agreed. I am very glad they are my new favorite band. Plus it was great to be out with Michelle. I haven’t gone out solo with Michelle in about five years. We used to hang out all the time but not lately, so that was nice. No Gordon, no baby, just Christa, out with her friend having a good time.

I had a dream about Zach Braff last night, a happy dream that left me with a warm buzzing feeling when I woke up. I won’t go into great detail, but in the dream he wasn’t a celebrity, just a regular guy, one of my friends. And he was over at my house and we were watching TV and Gordon left to go run errands and I was glad he was gone and Zach and I were sitting close together on the couch and I was getting giddy from just sitting next to him and our legs touching and I believe there was a kiss involved, but I can’t remember. He was wearing jeans. He was very cute. I was sad to wake up and realize it was a dream. Then I fell back asleep and had another dream about another celebrity, but I can’t remember who or what. I read once somewhere about what it means when you dream about celebrities. Don’t ask me what it was though. I can’t remember.

I am going to DC in a few weeks to visit my sister. I need a break from Gordon and from Tucson and from my family here. I need to think and examine and analyze and relax and have fun with Debbie. A lot of stress right now and my mind is so jumbled and I don’t know what to do or what I want. I know what everyone else thinks and what everyone else wants, but I need to figure out what I want. Plus, I just really need to get away from Gordon. He is making me crazy.

I hate looking for a job. I wish the universe would give me money just to exist. I really think it should. Stupid universe.

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  1. DG

    When you first talked about Okkervil River I went out and bought “Down the River of Golden Dreams”
    and “Dont fall in Love with Everyone you See”
    I did it so I could peer deeper into the mind of CJM and because I wanted you to think I was
    “cool”. What a Cliche!
    Anyway they are wonderful albums. When its crappy outside, late and I am curled up with my cats
    playing them makes it all sublime.
    I also purchased a Snakefinger (aka Philip Lithman) double re-release and a National Health Compilation this week. They are quite awesome also.

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